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How to overcome the barriers of standard cancer treatment.

Salaria Clinic Tokyo is a satellite clinic of the Edogawa Hospital, a social welfare corporation located in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo, specializing in cancer immunotherapy and precision medicine. Our facility focuses on addressing the challenge of surpassing the limitations of standard cancer treatment by harnessing our current maximum capabilities. Through our private medical services, Salaria Clinic Tokyo offers cancer treatment utilizing advanced therapies such as Super NK Therapy, which activates Granzyme β through our proprietary cultivation method, and NKT Cell Targeted Therapy, which activates NKT cells for treatment. Precision medicine, utilizing molecular-targeted drugs determined by the cancer\'s genetic profile, further enhances the efficacy of treatment beyond that of standard therapies. 

Who performs cancer treatment?

Along with Shoji Koga, the Vice Director of Edogawa Hospital and Director of Salaria Clinic Tokyo, and Tomohiro Myojoh, the Vice Director of Edogawa Hospital specializing in Precision Medicine, and Masajiro Kato, the Director of Edogawa Hospital, specialists collaborate to provide highly specialized treatment.

The general hospital provides backup.

The Edogawa Hospital, operated by the social welfare corporation Jinsei-sha, is a comprehensive hospital located in Edogawa Ward, with over 90 years of history. In cancer treatment, it has been utilizing advanced technologies and equipment since early on. Last year, it initiated physician-led specific clinical research such as BNCT (boron neutron capture therapy) and CT-guided (Tomotherapy) and MRI-guided (ViewRay system) high-precision radiation therapy. It is a core hospital in the region that focuses on reducing the loss of lives due to cancer by striving for early detection of difficult-to-find cancers.

What is precision medicine?

Precision medicine is a treatment method that identifies the fundamental causes of cancer through genetic testing and selects \"immunotherapy\" or \"targeted therapy\" based on genomic information. Conventional treatments mainly involve trying drugs believed to be effective based on past statistics, and it was not known whether they would be effective until they were administered to patients. Precision medicine can achieve highly effective treatment tailored to specific gene mutations that cause cancer.

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Flow of treatment